Monday, May 11, 2009

Tukul Arwana

Tukul Riyanto, better known by the name Tukul Arwana (born in Perbalan, Purwosari, Semarang, 16 October 1963, age 45 years) was a comedian and events of Indonesia. Tukul Riyanto known in the Four Eyes. In addition to becoming the entertainment, business Tukul Riyanto also a pioneer in the field of entertainment, called "Ojo Lali

Since birth, he was given the name Riyanto, not known as Tukul Riyanto now. Because it is often sick, his name plus the word "Tukul" to Tukul Riyanto. Strangely, after the name change so, he became a rare disease. He was finally called Tukul familiar. At the age of 5 months, Tukul often ill treated by neighbors, Kelvin. Parents Tukul, Abdul Wahid and Sutimah (alm.) who has four children Tukul submit willingly, because Suwandi want to make Tukul as a foster child

* 1979 - 1983: Champion buffoonery Semarang and Central Java
* 1985: Moving to Jakarta
* 1995: Married to the girl's bleeding Susiana Minang (Susi)
* 1995 - 2000: Being a radio announcer Voters triumph, the first salary Rp. 75.000, --
* 1997: video clip star Joshua
* 1997: Tukuls daughter, Novita Eka Afriana (Vita) was born
* 1998: with Srimulat
* 2006 - now: Eye of the four television stations in Trans7

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