Saturday, May 30, 2009

Give Your Blog A Traffic Injection

Anyway, I’ve got lots to tell you about, what I’ve been up to the last couple of weeks, not least that I’ve been spreading my wings a bit, getting out and about the internet more than usual and I’ve been meeting some interesting new people.

But first, though, I wanted to give you all a heads up on something that you can jump in on right now…. to get some traffic to your blogs. It’s actually something that a new online aquaintance, Eoin O’Leary told me about…

Take a trip over to Jack Humphreys blog, Friday Traffic Report, and check out his Technorati Favorite Blogs Exchange.

All you need to do is leave a comment on his blog and follow his instructions.

More posts coming…… honest!

My Laptop is Burning Up!

Yep that’s right, my laptop is so hot you could fry an egg on it. Sadly, that’s not a clever euphemism for “wow, my laptop’s on fire cos I’m churning out so much work”!

My laptop really is like Mount Vesuvius, waiting to erupt at any minute!

For the past month or so, every time I put my laptop on my lap, I ended up with scorched thighs, which I can assure you, isn’t a pretty sight! I know Rod Stewart opined on the virtues of Hot Legs, but this is ridiculous!

I’ve never really been a `laptoppy’ person until August last year, when just before I was due to whizz off on holiday , my PC decided to have a hairy fit and start spewing blue screens of death at me and all sorts of other technical unmentionables -arrghh!

So I took the bull by the horns and steamed into my nearest store and grabbed a laptop that I thought looked rather attractive. I know, attractiveness is not a good criteria to choose a laptop but I was pretty desperate and it was just as good as Eeny Meeny Miny Mo!

Now up until a couple of weeks ago, all was well with Lysander the laptop, he was a rather spritely boy and I became rather addicted to him. In fact, he encouraged me to become terribly lazy. Who could be bothered to fire up the old PC and sit perched there as winter was approaching, enduring frozen fingers and toes, when Lysander was beckoning me enticingly; positively luring me to jump on the couch, cover my feet with a quilt and flip his enormously attractive lid?

But, suddenly, inexplicably I thought, the laptop started to cut out. Black screen… nothing! Bizarre. I couldn’t start him up again he just wouldn’t put out.

At first I thought I’d got one of those deadly viruses - blamed Thing 1 and Thing 2 for downloading dodgy games and getting me infected.

Every day, this would happen more and more. Depending on what I was doing on the `puter, it would just shut down with no warning. If I was watching a video I could hear the fan chugging and working like a Trojan. If I was running a few programs at once, woah, the fan was working overtime and that thing was heating up like a pubescent boy at a Miss World beauty contest.

The mouse pad was turning into a ceramic hob and the underneath of the laptop was growing more pyroclastic by the minute giving me more than just a sharp crease in my trousers!

Time to hit Google, type in my model name and number and see what happens.

Phew. How comforting. there were tons of people who were all experiencing the same problem as me. It’s odd, isn’t it, how you always feel better when you find other people that are having the same problems as you - you just don’t feel so alone, somehow!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

View my * My Posts 5 Money Making Opportunities on Facebook

With the release of its new platform, Facebook’s recent endeavor in social media presents a unique opportunity for marketers, developers and businesses to tap into the social network’s young, active, and viral crowd.

However, over the past few weeks there has been a rising concern among developers to uncover ways to monetize their Facebook applications. The curse of instant online success is that you can no longer sustain expensive servers to support hundreds and thousands (or even millions) of Facebook users. The question: how can the developers of Facebook apps actually make money? We don’t have all the answers yet, but here are 5 suggestions:

1. SELL. Develop applications solely for the purpose of selling them to interested parties. Several applications have already been acquired in this fashion; the most recent example is that of Mozes’ purchase of TextMe.

2. DEVELOP. An indirect source of funds: develop applications under contract for third parties. A number of companies have been posting contract jobs over at the Facebook’s developer forums. There exists a large gap in the supply and demand of available Facebook application developers; as a result, finding potential clients to charge reasonable rates should not be a hassle.

3. ADVERTISING. Use advertisements, cross-promotion schemes and affiliate marketing. It is not feasible to use Google Adsense for this since Facebook does not allow JavaScript embedding. Adsense may be embedded through iFrames, which despite being popular among Facebook developers, is against Google’s TOS. Affiliate marketing is a great alternative to advertisements; my own source of income on Facebook is generated through Amazon’s affiliate marketing.

4. MICROPAYMENTS. Sell services within Facebook through micro-payment transactions. PayPal payments made for accessing premium services could potentially yield reasonable income depending on the application’s purpose, size, and prospective users.

5. GET INVESTMENT. If you think you have something big on your hands and lack the funds to scale it, apply for investment through Bay Partners and others who have expressed interest in funding Facebook apps. This would be the likely course of action for a startup with plans to expand globally within and beyond Facebook.

Facebook has a huge active community. It is reported that of the 29 million active users, about half log in each day. This is a rarity among Web 2.0 companies (comparatively, Google Videos has about 3% active users). If FacebookFacebook reviewsFacebook reviews can convince its users to shell out $1 to send those silly virtual “gift” images to each other, then surely a clever developer or startup can find other approaches to earning money from a Facebook application that do not involve just drowning their users in ads.

Due to the pace of innovation over the web, it is imperative that companies jump on opportunities like these as they turn up. LinkedInLinkedIn reviewsLinkedIn reviews and Bebo are expected to release their own set of developer APIs as well; I personally cannot wait to be among the first to tap into that opportunity. I advise others to start planning as well.

James Bond

James Bond, juga dikenal sebagai 007 adalah tokoh fiksi dalam berbagai novel yang ditulis oleh Ian Fleming. Ia adalah agen rahasia untuk Britania Raya dan pertama muncul dalam novel Casino Royale di tahun 1953.

Petualangan James Bond juga telah diangkat ke dalam bentuk film. Sampai saat ini telah dirilis 20 film resmi, dan tokoh Bond dimainkan oleh aktor-aktor ini (diurutkan secara kronologis):

* Sean Connery (6 film dan 1 film tidak resmi, Never Say Never Again)
* George Lazenby (1 film)
* Roger Moore (7 film)
* Timothy Dalton (2 film)
* Pierce Brosnan (4 film)
* Daniel Craig (1 film, dan akan membintangi film Bond berikutnya)

Seri novel dan film James Bond memiliki banyak tokoh pendukung. Para pejabat British Secret Service biasanya dikenal dengan huruf, misalnya M dan Q. Dalam novel , Bond telah memiliki dua sekertaris, Loelia Ponsonby dan Mary Goodnight. Dalam film, keduanya dilebur menjadi sekertaris M, Miss Moneypenny. Kadang Bond ditugaskan untuk menyelidiki suatu kasus dengan temannya, Felix Leiter dari CIA. Dalam film, Leiter muncul secara teratur dalam era Connery, hanya sekali dalam era Moore, dan di kedua film Dalton. Namun ia hanya dimainkan oleh aktor yang sama dua kali. Ia absen dari era Brosnan (walaupun digantikan oleh Jack Wade), dan kembali dalam film Craig pertama Casino Royale pada 2006.

Bond girl biasanya memiliki nama-nama double entendre, misalnya "Pussy Galore" dalam Goldfinger, "Plenty O'Toole" dalam Diamonds Are Forever, dan "Xenia Onatopp" dalam GoldenEye.

Beberapa tokoh yang sering muncul dalam novel dan film adalah Bill Tanner, Rene Mathis, Felix Leiter, Jack Wade, Jaws, Charles Robinson, dan J.W. Pepper.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Faraway Places

Asia Argento writes stories and novels, directs music videos, documentaries, and feature films, and appears in movies, sometimes with her clothes on. In Olivier Assayas’s new international thriller, “Boarding Gate,” she plays Sandra, a very smart prostitute.

In the past, Sandra has done some nasty work for a Paris-based investor (Michael Madsen) who was also her lover—she slept with his clients and listened to their secrets. Now she’s working at an import-export company, receiving drugs sewn into the bottom of plush armchairs, and she wants freedom—an escape to China, which is treated in this movie as the Wild East of capitalism. Slinking into the frame, with her lower lip hanging loose, Argento’s Sandra is both dependent on men and contemptuous of them, both seductive and unsure of herself, a dirty girl who may be looking for love.

Ninety years ago, Theda Bara, the original movie vamp, lured men to their doom, but Bara, even at her most alluring, looked like a sweet young woman dutifully doing a job. Born Theodosia Goodman, in Cincinnati, the daughter of a tailor, Bara was a mild fantasy figure (“the woman who did not care”), irresistible in an age more easily stimulated than our own. Argento, by contrast, was born into a movie family: her mother is the actress Daria Nicolodi and her father is Dario Argento, the horror-movie director and master of luridness.

Now thirty-two, Argento has been onscreen since the age of nine. Her acting technique is rudimentary—she bluffs her way through scenes, drawing on sheer nerve—but I’m willing to grant that technique may sometimes be beside the point. In “Boarding Gate,” she’s lewd and hungry, but she’s not boring—the character keeps changing, and you can see Argento’s mind working behind all the viperish moves.

For Assayas, Argento may be a kind of dream girl. The fifty-three-year-old French writer-director first attracted notice here in 1997, with his exhilarating and poetic thriller “Irma Vep.” Like Truffaut’s “Day for Night,” the movie was devoted to the making of a movie—in this case, an attempt to redo Louis Feuillade’s great silent serial of criminal life in Paris, “Les Vampires.” Assayas threw a wild card into the picture: the director of the movie within the movie (Jean-Pierre LĂ©aud), an aging, mad genius of the New Wave, has the daft idea of remaking the Feuillade film with Maggie Cheung, the star of the Hong Kong cinema. This vampire scoots across Paris rooftops wrapped in gleaming black leather. Assayas, it was a fair bet, had a thing about powerful, kinky women.

In his films, people move fast, thrashing in and out of rooms, and the camera stays with them, catching faces and fragments of bodies as they blur by—it’s life on the whiz, spontaneous, abrupt, and dangerous. The sexual play can be dangerous, too. In the 1998 “Late August, Early September,” Assayas constructed a charming and melancholy roundelay of romantic liaisons and friendships among hard-up young Parisian intellectuals. Most of the scenes are devoted to personal feelings and anxious talk about work and money, but, mixed in with the soulful nattering, one of the women, played by the classically beautiful Virginie Ledoyen, went in for bouts of rough sex. Some of us were beginning to wonder where Assayas was going.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Google Mengkritik Situs Surat Kabar

Google kini menjadi raja lalu-lintas informasi di jaringan situs diseluruh dunia. Semua konten di web yang jumlahnya triliunan halaman atau tak terhingga kini dikuasainya baik berupa teks berita dari koran, foto, video, dll, hampir pasti bisa ditemukan lewat Google. Tak berlebihan menyebut Google sebagai “penguasa media yang secara nyata”.

Beberapa hari lalu Wakil Presiden Google, Marissa Mayer, berbicara di gedung parlemen Amerika Serikat, di hadapan anggota Senat, dengan topik “masa depan jurnalisme”.poin-poin penting yang disampaikan Mayer sebagai nasihat untuk situs-situs milik suratkabar, seperti ditulis Washington Post, Save The Media, dan Paid Content.

Perbarui artikel pada URL yang sama. Konsumen sekarang bisa memperoleh berita-berita terbaik dari berbagai jenis media seperti radio dan televisi. Situs koran sering memposting artikel yang sama berulang-ulang, isinya hampir sama, tetapi dibuat dalam URL atau permalink yang berbeda. Mayer menyebutkan hal ini tidak bagus. Dia menyarankan, tirulah Wikipedia, yang membuat satu topik pada satu URL tetap, dan update terbaru ditambahkan pada URL yang sama.

Link, link, link. Mayer mengatakan, situs koran harus rajin membuat tautan atau link. Hal ini berpengaruh pada mesin pencari Google, dan juga bisa menghemat kolom atau halaman web yang terbatas.

Kebiasaan pembaca. Para pembaca media online umumnya tidak langsung membuka atau mengunjungi situs media; mereka sampai di halaman situs koran adalah dari mesin pencari seperti Google. Seringkali mereka tidak pernah melihat seluruh isi situs tersebut, tapi hanya artikel-artikel yang menarik perhatian mereka.

Kemudahan navigasi. Situs koran harus memperhatikan ini, agar pembaca bisa dengan mudah menemukan artikel-artikel lain. Ingat, situs koran Anda harus berbeda dengan koran Anda dalam versi cetak.

Artikel harus memiliki konteks, harus hidup, dan menarik.

“Semoga situs koran bisa mengambil yang penting dari paparan ini,” kata Marissa Mayer di hadapan para senator.

Tukul Arwana

Tukul Riyanto, better known by the name Tukul Arwana (born in Perbalan, Purwosari, Semarang, 16 October 1963, age 45 years) was a comedian and events of Indonesia. Tukul Riyanto known in the Four Eyes. In addition to becoming the entertainment, business Tukul Riyanto also a pioneer in the field of entertainment, called "Ojo Lali

Since birth, he was given the name Riyanto, not known as Tukul Riyanto now. Because it is often sick, his name plus the word "Tukul" to Tukul Riyanto. Strangely, after the name change so, he became a rare disease. He was finally called Tukul familiar. At the age of 5 months, Tukul often ill treated by neighbors, Kelvin. Parents Tukul, Abdul Wahid and Sutimah (alm.) who has four children Tukul submit willingly, because Suwandi want to make Tukul as a foster child

* 1979 - 1983: Champion buffoonery Semarang and Central Java
* 1985: Moving to Jakarta
* 1995: Married to the girl's bleeding Susiana Minang (Susi)
* 1995 - 2000: Being a radio announcer Voters triumph, the first salary Rp. 75.000, --
* 1997: video clip star Joshua
* 1997: Tukuls daughter, Novita Eka Afriana (Vita) was born
* 1998: with Srimulat
* 2006 - now: Eye of the four television stations in Trans7